Thursday, 25 February 2010

Collaborating with an Angel Part 4

So now we are at the next stage which is the hair and makeup. Yes the hardest bit of all making me look good. The photo's are kindly taken by Neeta Madahar, so I give credit where credit is due. In the background you can see Kelly Cox who will be doing the hair and makeup. The look you see here has altered somewhat since it was taken but you can get some idea. Also finally a shot of the crepe paper irises we so diligently slaved over all weekend and Neeta has kept going with them this week too!

We tried the jewelry on and played with different ideas regarding the hair which is now going to be up in a geisha style with a curly twist. (Well, you see what they have to work with) The false eyelashes on this photo have been upgraded to some expensive Shu Uemura numbers which look very fabulous. I was also in my corset for much of the afternoon with the top half of the dress which has now been made to fit me perfectly. Never has so much effort gone into every detail of a shoot. It makes me feel very special I must say. Far more than I deserve. The nails (which are false in case I break some in the days leading up to the shoot) will be attached tomorrow by Kelly then off to the nail bar to get them painted like the iris petals. I shall be taking a real and fake one with me to show the nail technician. This girly business is quite exhausting. I have no idea how the stars keep up with it all. So the look is established, the work and prep has been done. Tomorrow will be the set build and lighting tests, followed by the shoot on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed, that the next installment will be a happy one and all goes well...

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