Saturday, 13 February 2010

Collaborating with an angel Part 2

So time has past and the next installment is here. The next stage of my metamorphosis was the collating of ideas & meeting Kelly Barker first in Winchester to measure me up for the dress/top I am wearing for the portrait. She has made several of the beautiful outfits for the Flora series so far. I brought my corset (yes the one made by the mighty Roz Culling for my book launch) which will be worn underneath. One trussed into it she took the measurements and we discussed the neckline and sleeves which will come to the elbow on a diagonal to keep my arms free for multiple bracelets. Then onto Solent University campus in Southampton to meet the stylist Jennifer Anyan. As this is a fully collaborative project me and Neeta are also stylists for the sitting which is another new experience to be part of. So far every step of the way this has been a journey of first experiences, which at the ripe old age f 35 is a big deal. Jennifer suggested Bulgari bracelets for the shoot and we poured over all the bits and pieces we each brought. I had several kimono fabrics in orange, jewelry a stunning orange, gold and silver obi leant to me by photographer Brittain Bright. Neeta had boxes full of butterflies which will be used on the day.

It is now beginning to feel tangible and Monday I will be going back for another fitting in the calico pattern that Kelly has made. Neeta has today informed me that she has found some orange fabric with butterflies on it, so we are good to go. My sample of crepe paper (imported from the USA, yes everything must match perfectly to the irises) is next to me. We are making the irises next week at my parents house in Derbyshire. A road trip up North is always a good idea in my book and gives the portrait added meaning with my mum becoming part of the process also. Mixed with the real flowers they will be put through the dress so that I appear to emerge from the sea of flowers, pouring a small green watering can with celophane water to add to the surrealist element of the portrait. Till next time...

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