Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Collaborating with an angel Part 1

So it has been a while since I wrote about life in the world of photography... what have I been up to? Well, I have entered into the unknown with a collaboration on a portrait of yours truly with Neeta Madahar for her 'Flora' series. Yes little ol' me with irises!
The process has been fantastic so far and the shared control of the image has been a real eye opener as the sitter. As a writer, reviewer and the like I am asked to pass comment on others work. But to be part of the work brings all my creative juices to the surface and sleeping is becoming problematic as ideas come thick and fast. Firstly we had to decide on the flower that would be part of my picture. The only rule was that the flower chosen must also be a woman's name. I chose Iris as it reminds me of my nana who loves blue flowers and the colour os so striking. I have a coat which is pretty much identical to the colour. A rich, vibrant, yet classy tone that stands out without shouting out. We then had the base colour which will be used with a bright orange (one of my other favorites, see the film 'Tall Guy' and you will understand) and a pale yellow. There is a slight Japanese element (another favorite aesthetic) and butterflies. The symbolism is as abundant as I am. Metamorphosis, flight and growth all important to me on both a personal and emotional level.

Inspirational images were chosen to express my goal to become a goddess within the plethora of goddesses Neeta has already photographed. The Hollywood greats were in vast supply, my ultimate heroines being Liz Taylor, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardener, Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo and Anna May Wong. Then the pose practice! Surely the hardest part of all so far. I am not a natural in front of the camera. An amusing Saturday night was spent with my long-suffering boyfriend doing his best to be the next David Bailey. When the camera was in focus (not often) he managed a few shot where I at least look human. See image to see what I mean. There is much more to tell, so wait till the next installment, I'm off to pose (not really)

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  1. I've just found your comment on my own blog about Neeta's Flora series and had to reply. This is fascinating, it's interesting to find out about the person behind the image. I'm very pleased to see you like Anna May Wong, I feel she is an overlooked character from Hollywood's history. I'm also a big fan of symbolism in art and very much enjoyed your final image!