Thursday, 31 January 2013

2013, here at last!

 Smug, Nova guards the photographs...
Lottie can only look up

Happy New Year everyone. As ever apologies for the delay, I have been very busy with a new show in the pipeline for April & lots besides including a trip to Venice & a very demanding cat called Nova. See above! Just a short one to get 2013 rolling.

As you may have guessed the next show is with the delectable Lottie Davies - who fresh from winning yet another award, this time the Young Masters in December - is looking forward to the whole of her series 'Memories & Nightmares' on display for the first time in the UK. 

This will be followed by exhibition of Yvonne De Rosa's 'Hidden Identities - Unfinished' with an accompanying book. 

As featured in the Telegraph 

Whenever I prepare for a show I am powerless to the beguiling thoughts that drift in & out of my mind as I am required to look more at one artist than the others over a period of time. As with all great photography, the more you look the more you see.

The first thought was the beauty of the green in Lotties photographs. Its everywhere right now, especially emerald green. Pantone has gone a far as calling it the 'colour of the year' so someone else has it on the brain too. When looking the colour up I had to stop myself from looking at the real thing, not to mention the oodles of clothes....Thank goodness I already have plenty to wear in this colour.

Why are we drawn to it? Perhaps its the association with the natural world. For me it is art deco. I once bought an art deco tea service for Mothers Day & the combination of angles, cream, black & emerald green. This got me to thinking about all my favourite emerald green things, so I've put together a combination of objects together in tribute to Lotties work which I can gaze at for hours & loose myself in this magical colour.

This is all before I even contemplate the meaning of her photographs.... I feel more posts coming on!