Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our Summer Salons & why collecting photography is important for photographers?

Foam Amsterdam 2012

Having lectured on collecting photography in many universities, galleries & museums around the world, there is one thing that keeps coming back to me - why don't more photographers attend them?

Well the obvious answer is that they think that it's irrelevant to them as they make the photographs. True, but creating the work is only the first part of building a career as an artist in the art market.

Foam Amsterdam 2012

Understanding the way in which audiences think about photography, approach it as an art & eventually in some cases become collectors of the medium is an invaluable insight. This should not in any way alter any artist's approach or artistic vision - making images purely to sell not only destroys your credibility but also your soul in the long run - but having a window into the mind of the collector can help with many things...

Foam Amsterdam 2012

My collecting lectures give both practical advice to collectors and allow for each person attending to be more confident about their passion, feeling safe in the knowledge that they are not making silly mistakes when buying art. The most asked questions are about the definitions between vintage, modern & posthumous prints & their comparative value. Also, the importance of editioning in relation to the exclusivity of a work as well as its future value. 

As a photographer understanding the different ways in which a collector approaches a purchase can be quite an eye opener. Like any collector there are many ways in which individuals prioritise their choices. Overall I always advise to buy what you love, but also to buy wisely. Paying over the odds for a work which is uneditioned or has come from an edition far to large to be considered 'limited' - sadly a very overused term in todays society in all areas of commerce - can often illuminate common misconceptions about the market as a whole. 

With so many ways in which we now consume art beyond the gallery walls how does an artist break through to become a collectable entity & what is it that separates a good artist from a great one? How do new collectors find the work that they will eventually purchase & what considerations are important to make the decision to buy? 

The forthcoming course presents solutions to these questions & also gives attendees the chance to put the information they have been given into practice during the last session of the course. In an intimate group it is also the perfect opportunity to meek like minded people & get to know others who have a shared passion for the medium. For more information about the course on Wednesday Aug 21st see this link & contact the gallery to book a place.

L A Noble Gallery Salon's 2013

This summer our Salon sessions have been full fantastic work & people, with very different approaches & varied interests in subject matter & photographic techniques. 

Some brought their work in print form, framed, or on  their laptops. From finished works to works in progress the feedback & encouragement from myself & the others taking part was also mixed - as each person's experience & opinions brought new ideas to every image discussed. 

The discipline of talking about only one photo for 5 minutes is a great skill to have - putting several things into practice. Speaking to an audience for a set amount of time with only one image means that what you have to say needs to be delivered in a coherent & interesting way. 

To some 5 minutes is no time at all, to others it may be a lifetime. Really articulating what your photograph is about from literal & a conceptual standpoint with only one image to show that is harder than it looks.

After each  person has spoken the rest of the group offer questions & advice for another 5 minutes. This focus is great practice for doing a full length talk in the future.  

The responses & advice brought all our participants together despite the diverse interests they all had on a more personal level. Our second group all swopped emails to keep in touch beyond the event & continue the support of each others endeavours & discussing their work in greater depth. 

What I love about getting groups of people together is the opportunity for everyone to discover something new albeit another artist whom has relevance to their practice or a new friend to banter with about art. 

I would like to thank all those who have attended so far. I have really enjoyed the salons & am so glad that the response has been so overwhelmingly positive. 

On a professional & personal level i feel privileged to share this experience with all the photographers who have come so far & look forward to the next salons. 

So far there has been a great mixture of approaches, subjects, printing techniques & concepts to see & discuss. 

If you want to take part in the next salon on Tues 20th August please contact the gallery, there are limited places but we are happy to add you to the waiting list if one session is full to attend the next. For full information see this link