Monday, 19 March 2012

Gather round...

Title 'Invincible' 
Series: 'The Mark of Abel'

The Gathering - London. Thursday 22nd March 2012

6pm – 9pm

Diemar/Noble Photography
66/67 Wells Street
London W1T 3PY

As a gallerist & collector I am often approached by many photographer's asking to show their work to me. As you can imagine I cannot view everything & complete my large workload at the gallery, so to accommodate & advise photographer's on putting their best foot forward we have portfolio reviews which last one hour. (To book please email the gallery or telephone for an appointment. Fee £95)

Title: 2005 
Series: Memory Book

During these sessions & daily conversations in the gallery & at private views etcetera I am told time & time again of the woes of being an unknown photographer. One issue is how hard it is to be exhibited, not being sure of the best way to edition their work & low sales, how to present oneself, tips for networking etc...

Gaining good advice is so important, but one thing that all photographers must remember is that in order to help the industry flourish we must all give something back to keep it moving forward. Turning up to private views drinking free wine & networking is all well & good, but in order to perpetuate the sales of photograph's we also need to buy photograph's! Yes a very radical idea I know. I hear the groans now, 'oh but you would say that...'

Of course as a gallerist I would, but as a collector I also put my money where my mouth is & support emerging talent whenever I can through buying photographs, giving advice & shouting about it in journals & magazines, reviewing new books etc...

Making work is of course the primary objective for all photographers. However, all the usual stuff gets in the way like paperwork, marketing, commercial jobs, life in general...

Image title: 'USA. Boring, Oregon. 2000'

It is easy to forget those early days struggling to get ahead, get your first article in a magazine, first exhibition, first session on Photoshop, first camera, not to mention the first time you took a photo. Cast your mind back to that time & imagine how much support it has taken to get where you are now.

It takes a lot of support & encouragement to move each step forward towards a career in photography. Most photographers (even famous ones) do commercial work, & have worked in unrelated industries to fund their own personal projects. It is important that there is help out there where you can find good advice.

One such organisation that has been giving this support to photographers for many years is Rhubarb Rhubarb whose reviews, workshops, talks, projects & exhibitions have brought help to many photography professionals, graduates & emerging talent. To help them keep doing the great work that they do, Diemar/Noble Photography is hosting a fundraiser event this Thursday evening. For full details see here. To lend your support on the night or to donate to them, please go to the homepage on the link here.

The most exciting thing about 'The Gathering' is the chance to take part in the tombola draw for exclusive one off prints by many photographers whom have kindly donated works for the event. For only £50 you can enter the draw & have then to take home a print from the wonderful works on display. Some are featured here to whet your appetite. It looks to be a very busy evening with fabulous guests to meet & great work to view. So don't delay help your industry  & fellow photographers today, bon appetit!