Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spending time with 'them'...

Having just hung the new exhibition which opens tomorrow at Diemar/Noble Photography I am not only excited to see the public's response to the show, but also looking forward to spending time with the incredible images on display. 

Being in the same room as Christian Tagliavini's work is an experience in itself. Once the work was hung on the wall, myself, our fabulous interns - Olivia, Natalja & Gabie were all in awe of the 'presence' that his portraits possess. You feel as if you are in the room with a group of individuals, who wield the power to hold your attention beyond the mere pictorial function that art can deliver & communicate to you when addressing them. 

Even behind the bubble wrap before unpacking them we had an inkling that this would be the case. I came home in the evening literally 'buzzing' with excitement at the prospect of going back to visit them again. As the time progresses I am sure my relationship with the works will develop also. Casting an emotive, poetic & serene ambience to the gallery, I'm sure visitors will respond as well. (If the numerous passers by who are stopped in their tracks is anything to go by.)

As you can see I have only teased you with the upper floor of the gallery displaying the 1503 series. 

The lower floor features works from his Dame Di Cartone series (literally translated as 'Cardboard Ladies') which I will talk about in my next blog. 

As you can see here the size of the large works are impressive. The 2 large works on display upstairs are the last in the series available in this size, so don't miss out on them!

The press has really been captured by his work also. The British Journal of Photography (BJP) has Christian's work on the cover of the current November issue, with an 8 page feature out now.

There was also a double page in the Times Spectrum section 2 weeks ago.

And last Sunday The Independent on Sunday Magazine also did a double page feature, see below:

What more can I say other than come & see for yourself!

Cecelia pictured above is mesmerising. Her symmetrical features coupled with immaculate styling & lighting picks out every detail of the clothes & her porcelain skin exquisitely. Looking at them in the 'flesh' so to speak is a very different experience (as with all great works of art) & I urge you to prove mw wrong. 

I had to add this one at the end taken by the inimitable Oliver Spooner with her iphone. I had no idea my position mirrored the scene so well until she showed me. Quite a fab shot I think. What am I doing? Measuring the depth of the screw sticking out from the wall for accuracy, poised with the drill for any needed adjustments. So with this I bid you farewell till my next blog. Thanks for reading...

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