Friday, 18 November 2011

Crazy for collage, paper reigns!

Collage has long been a part of my life due to a very rude tutor at college in Australia having a strop (only 5 of us had turned up again - same 5 people who always showed to the class) throwing a pile of magazines on the floor & shouting, "DO A COLLAGE! I'LL BE BACK IN 3 HOURS.'' With that he stormed out.

In the mean time I made my collage after thinking to myself 'I'll show you a collage you rude swine' despite at the time hating making collages....

3 hours later..... Bruce (yes honest) returns.

The conversation went as follows:

Me: Here's your b$%@*y collage. If you have a problem shout at the people who don't turn up to your class tomorrow, don't shout at the ones who do. If you want to have a tantrum aim it at the ones your angry with.

Bruce: .....

He had no time to respond as I walked out of the room.

So the next day came & as I sat waiting to go inside my life drawing class Bruce appeared on the horizon & headed diagonally across the quad making a beeline for yours truly.

I braced myself, indignantly for the diatribe I expected would follow, ready to fight my corner.

As he approached his right hand came out in offer of a handshake, followed by a broad smile.

Bruce: It's about time someone put me in my place. I apologise. By the way your collage was bloody brilliant.

And with that, our friendship began. He turned out to be one of my greatest teachers, with a very supportive approach to teaching & a truly fascinating man.

So my love affair with collage began....

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