Saturday, 23 April 2011

(TSATTF) Part 3 / Traces...

Bird footprints are always a joy to me as they are often created by light creatures whose prints will only stay a short while. This proof of their landing & walking this way & that conjures up pictures in my head of them hopping about on the soil, sand or snow, trying to guess what species made them. Living in the UK the species may not be particularly exotic but this does not alter my excitement at all. Having lived at my current address in London for 5 years I was surprised to find some recently near the back door in what must have been wet concrete many years before we moved here.

Whenever I spot prints I photograph them. Pictured are seagull prints in the sand in Australia, the back door ones & back garden prints last winter in the snow mixed with that of my cat Nova & my own winter boots. Needless to say the concrete one is taken with my Blackberry phone, which never ceases to amaze me.

It seems I am not the only one with this fascination, there is a forum that has a nice collection of bird prints linked through the pbase site. If you click on each one, the full details of the camera, exposure etc of the photograph are included. It is also helpful for identifying the tracks too. I am no ornithologist but simply admire & relish the unfathomable nature of birds.

Looking through the RSPB site for more bird feeding, came across a great offer for bird cakes. What more could you ask for bird + cake = happy days. Support them so we see more of these amazing birds in our gardens soon.

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