Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Stuck on you...

No I am not quoting Lionel Richie lyrics (OK maybe I am) but describing how I feel about the most recent addition and gesture of admiration for Emily Allchurch's 'Tokyo Story' series. The artist Ben Wilson has created one of his wonderful miniature paintings dedicated to the series on some chewing gum on the pavement outside the gallery. I was not there when the creation took place (sadly as I would love to see him in action) but understand that it took hours. He has found a fabulous legal loophole, whereby the criminal damage is done by the person who chewed the gum, not the artist painting upon it! If he painted directly onto the pavement then this would be a crime, but of course he doesn't! This is not to say he hasn't come into contact with the law, but good luck to him. I really hope he comes to the 'In Conversation' with Emily Allchurch tomorrow evening ( Wed 13th April) at 6.30pm as I would love to meet him and introduce him to her personally. If you are out there Ben feel free to drop by. The picture here was taken with my phone, I promise to update with a better one soon.

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