Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Thoughts on identity...

Identity is a subject that re-occurs in everyday life much more than we realise. Few of us take the time to really consider it. Most of us would find it difficult to explore, but Holden's investigations of her own identity procures the most imaginative visual results.

The process of putting her reflections into a visual form is as complex as the subject itself. Lisa Holden's work reveals her life both psychologically and physically through stratification. Photographs are taken, pulled, stretched, snapped back, blended, overlapped on the computer. Others are painted or varnished then re-photographed and worked into the images.

This combination of disciplines act out the variety and conflicting elements that make up any individuals persona as a result of their life so far. Psychologists always delve into childhood, family and relationships. In fastidiously looking at her own life Holden embarks upon her own self-analysis with her eyes wide open. There is a conflicting comfort in knowing more about ourselves, both to understand, forgive, resolve, accept and move forward.

For those who see this as a self absorptive act I say, you are wrong. Often understanding oneself is the key to understanding others. This is by no means a selfish act, but one of humanity and depth.

I'm happy to dive into Holden's art and let the waters run deep above me. Peel back the skin and we are all the same underneath after all...

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