Monday, 15 November 2010

Let me count the ways...

As many of you know I frequently blog about about the current exhibition at Diemar/Noble Photography. This is no exception. However, the way I feel about this show runs very deep. Lisa Holden's work is a joy to behold. However, please don't take my word for it as seeing it in the flesh far outweighs anything I can say in this blog.

To be truly inspired by Holden's images, one must dive into dark waters in order to resurface in the bright light than shines above. Her work is rooted within herself yet draws upon many experiences all of us have in our lives. Holden delves into her past, present and future to display the harsh realities of her life as an adopted child, through to her exploration of herself as a woman in todays society and her body. These self portraits differ so much it is easy to think that there is more than one model. Each work is multi-layered to the point that each plane blends into the other yet with a clarity that floats like oil on water, building imagery so complex that you find yourself succumbing to it completely, rather than trying to pick apart the layers.

Each composition can contain anywhere between 5 to 70 layers. Photographs are scanned, pulled, stretched, varnished, broken down, put back together & worked on until they are finished. Holden's perfectionism means that she works on many images at once, only the best make it into a series. She often has things printed & if she is not happy with the results, they are discarded. In working on a computer screen the scale of the work once printed can change a piece dramatically. She is a true artist in every sense, committed, disciplined & always striving to create something worthy.

In exposing herself through her work we can see into her soul & if you look hard enough your own too...

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