Monday, 1 October 2012

I heart Amsterdam

What a shame to leave such an amazing city such as Amsterdam. With so much of it spent at the fair it was over in a flash. I did however, want to share some photo's with those of you who have never been or intend to visit again soon. Foam who organised the fair are well worth a visit as they always have great shows of great variety. When I last visited I loved all 5 exhibits.

The entrance is very beautiful, with a very contemporary interior.

Erik Kessels amazing carpet of photo dreams
 The curation is exceptional, with the Erik Kessels exhibition full of amazing & varied displays. I fell in love with the photo rug which if I had had the chance would have happily crammed in my suitcase!

I really want this carpet
Classic shot, bike, canal, & Unseen banners everywhere!
Upon our arrival we were thrilled to see Unseen banners all over the city, & gave up taking pictures as we soon realised we would run out of memory on our cameras if we kept going.


No canal was left banner-less

The architecture is so picturesque as houses lean left, right, backwards & forwards towards the canals. 

Oh how we love the buildings
 Even the industrial architecture of the 2 buildings that housed the stands at the fair were full of beautiful lines & textures. 
Fabulous roof inside Transformatorhuis

And inside the Gasfabriek
 It is hard to see in a photograph but the clouds above the stands were projected onto the screens & flickered with many colours when you saw them up close.
The amazing L A Noble Gallery stand at the end of the hang
The first day was spent setting up the stand & it was a wonderfully satisfying experience with the whole space shiny & new, each wall telling a new story but all linking & complimenting each other as well as we'd hoped.  
From left to right, Lisa Holden on the first 3 walls, with Kate Owens centre, Herb Schmitz & finally Emily Allchurch. The space really attracted people to walk in & stop inside to spend time there. It felt lovely to be inside as the nature & nurture combined.
A visitor to the fair is mesmerised by Lisa Holden's trees
Herb Schmitz with his work premiering at Unseen
Herb Schmitz's incredible images from the 1970's & 1980's looked stunning in the space. More about his work soon. This man has travelled the globe many times & the stories behind his images & the people contained in them are great. He has a keen eye for detail & sensitive flare to truly get the most out of his models. When working for world famous designers, he would only shoot if he could choose the models himself. This assertion provided sensational results of artistry & imagination. 
Gabie prepares to show the public the temptation of Martin Usborne's amazing Dogs in Cars
The large print portfolio of Martin Usborne's work drew in so many people. Once the blue gloves were on a crowd would gather to watch each print, cooing at the dogs full of personality, matched with the perfect vehicle. Here we see Gabrielle having just taken off her gloves knowing that it would not be long before she would have to don them again.
The first of many wanting to view the portfolio
We also had portfolios & prints by several other photographers, notably Lottie Davies 'Memories & Nightmares' series drew in the crowds as well. Her majestic award winning portrait fascinated viewers. When they were informed that the 5 babies were all the same child everyone looked closer in wonder at her seamless imagery. 
©Lottie Davies
I encourage you to see the whole series on her website. The prints are beautiful in the flesh. I have harked on about this before, but there is really a presence to a great portrait that is no mean feat. The image coupled with great printing is a joy to behold.

Our bakery heaven each morning
Then there was the bakery. Thanks to one nearby we made our way through their wonderful scones, breads, sandwiches & coffee each morning. Freshly baked fair is surely the best start to the day, we felt like champions soon after. 

The chocolate scones were fantastic
By the time the fair was over we were so used to coming to the site it was hard to leave. All the amazing staff at the fair made our experience a great one. It had become our hone for a week & we count the days till the next one. 
All over, but the sign still looked smashing...

Packed & ready to ship

One last glance at the roof

Out into the open to admire some of Haarlem on our last day
So as we had till 3 on our last day to do some shopping, so Gabrielle & I headed into nearby Haarlem for a chance to go inside the shops we had been ogling the evening before on our way to dinner. Needless to say too much money was spent, but we left happy. Next time I shall be admitting to our other guilty pleasure on our first day, the fabulous Museum of Bags & Purses. Yes you heard right. Brace yourself!

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