Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Competitive times call for competitive measures

A sample of the pages of this great free magazine. I never miss an issue.

Well hello again all. Just a quick blog to let you know about a great competition I've spotted for all you street photographers out there. As you know we have the Fitzrovia Photography Photography Prize at Diemar/Noble Photography, but what better to shoot your next entry than on an Olympus PEN camera!

Featured in the fantastic State/f22 mag ONLY there is an exclusive call out for photographers to shoot an image on the streets to be posted up to a site & if they like it, they may send you a PEN to take it on! The ones they like get to keep the camera! This is an extraordinary chance. I'd love to see the results. 

The camera is a beauty, with all kinds of features & looks very retro too. As you know I leave the tech talk to the enthusiasts, but couldn't keep this to myself. 

There is a great youtube channel with some info on it too see here!

To download all the details go here. Good luck & happy snapping!

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