Monday, 13 February 2012

Doing it for themselves...

Rooms to Let, Digital Prints, 2011 by Cecillia Bonilla. Copyright of Artist.

Just a short blog here folks - a tip off if you will - about an exhibition I went to the opening of on Saturday at The Parlour Gallery. (Hence the zany camera phone shots below) 

I encourage you to go to see it if you happen to be in NW5 this week. The show runs till 6pm Sunday 19th of February, hence my rush to tell you all about it.

Lovely when life imitates art...

fabricate is the first exhibition displayed by the curatorial collective Inter Alia & a fascinating one at that. I will not go into too much detail as I would rather you looked at their site & went to see it for yourself as it is a temptingly tactile exhibit, playing upon scale & interaction within a expertly curated space. 

Arty types 

I often hear complaints by artists/photographer's that they cannot 'get a gallery' as if this is something that should just happen to them without any legwork & budding curators unwilling to stick their necks out & create it for themselves. After all, name an art movement that did not begin with a group of like-minded people coming together to express their ideas about the world through creative endeavour & hard graft?

Some crazy angles

Here is a group of curators who have done just that, with a goal to discuss sensory (not just 'visual' as sound has a part to play in this exhibition) narrative through multiple components with 3 international artists; resulting in a thought-provoking, lingering dialogue all within one room. They not only achieve it but also give us food for thought without bells & whistles galore. All the works are not quite what they seem & need closer inspection to reveal themselves. I will leave you to look at the artist's works & draw your own conclusions....

The artists:
Cecilia Bonilla
Sława Harasymowicz 
Eva Stenram 

The curators/ Inter Alia Collective :
Esther Carolin, Tarini Malik, Vijay Patel, Olivia Spooner & Jazmin Taylor

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