Saturday, 2 July 2011

Oslo Part 1

Well it's been a long time since my last blog, apologies for that, Oslo was hectic and the week before even moreso with a huge response to our next show with entrants from al over the world for The Fitzrovia Photography Prize. The judging is complete and entrants will find out this weekend if they have been successful with their entry.

The show will open on the 21st July - 20th August.

So Oslo, what a great few days I had there. The exhibition was a triumph! The works were beautifully curated and displayed in the stunning location of Blomqvist Auction house. PUGis a wonderful organisation, bringing photography to Norway which is often starved of a large structure backing the genre unlike Paris, London & New York which have long-established traditions exhibiting the medium.

The speakers were great and the audience very enthusiastic. I was part of the panel in the evening and the debate got very heated, with a call to power (to set up more shows, events, projects, status of Norwegian photography by 'doing it themselves, not relying on others to make it happen') from myself which resulted in a burst of applause which was wonderful and embarrassing in equal measure.

I have put some pics together from the trip here. If you have any interest in seeing the exhibition, feel free to make your way to Oslo, the city is easy to get to from the airport and everyone is friendly and speaks english it seems!

As you can see from this sneaky peek, it is well worth the visit.

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Picture Credits:
Sally Mann - 'At twelve' series beneath a beautiful chandelier
Martin Denker finds something interesting above
I talk about hand-printing
A hammock I did not get to doze in, as was my want...
Andre Serrano (the view I had whilst eating dinner)
Joel Peter Witkin room
Roger Ballen room
1st room, Vic Muniz and his chocolate wonders
Close-up of amazing sofa, read the stitches...
Martin Denker's elaborate photographic works on canvas.


  1. Wonderful post Laura, thank you for the feed-back. I love Oslo, a wondeful city and full of potential for the arts, especially photography. I am so saddened by recent events, and my heart goes out to the people of Norway.

    Laura, I couldn't help but notice that very large erotic painting in one of your photos, and was wondering if you happen to know anything about it? It seems to be alongside what look like religious themed photographic works, which remind me greatly of the work Andres Serrano. Do you happen to have any info on those also?

    Maybe you have a contact for the show that I could talk with directly?

  2. Just answered my own question Laura via the PUG website (apologies, I should have looked before I asked!). That is of course the work of Vic Muniz, and I see that those other works are indeed those of Andres. Good to see such works in a prominent exhibition, but I have to say that I'm a little surprised at the curatorial choice given the potential (and past) controversy associated with those works. Notwithstanding, hats off to Norway and the Norwegian people!