Sunday, 27 March 2011

Goodbye Liz

Whilst in Australia I have heard the sad news of Elizabeth Taylor's passing. She was the one true star left from the golden era of film, with a life that shone as brightly as her talent on screen. With eight marriages and seven husbands, she was a formidable woman. Known for her immense beauty, violet eyes, strong brows (which are all the rage this season I'm told) and distinctive voice that could cut through glass, I have admired her for many years. The first film I saw her in was 'Giant' closely followed by 'Butterfield 8' and of course 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'. It was said that James Dean so nervous to be acting with her on the set of Giant, unzipped his fly and took a leak in front of her before going on set, the idea being that if he could pee in front of Liz Taylor, he could act with her.

Watching Butterfield 8 now I just heard the classic line, 'Mama face it I was the slut of all time!' before getting a slap from her mama. A camp classic is born. Needless to say, she is mesmerizing in every scene. My dress in my portrait was cut to mimic her deep v necklines and Neeta called me Liz throughout the entire shoot. My eye makeup was also based on Taylor's with blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner and of course the eyebrows!Not being a great beauty it was nice to pretend for just a day or two though.

The enduring love affair with Welsh heart throb Richard Burton kept the papers busy, but also inspired the public who watched in hope that their relationship would work out. Taylor's search for love but more importantly belief that true love was attainable endeared her to millions the world over. This was possibly the most beautiful thing about her. Looking at her wonderful bone structure, deep emotive eyes and perfect pout, the phrase 'they don't make 'em like they used to' springs to mind. Maybe one day, photographers will capture this kind of magic again, let's hope so... 

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