Monday, 14 February 2011

This week in 1971...

OK so I wasn't born yet, but I grew up with relatives who still referred to 'pounds, shillings & Pence'. This week back in 1971`decimalisation was introduced into the UK. Decimal Day must have been quite a change, no pun intended. Our money has changed a lot of late but we have barely noticed as the metals traditionally used have become more valuable and the Royal Mint has had to mix nickel into the coinage and then coat coins with thin layers of copper and tin. Our notes have aged, literally. As the Queen has got older she has had the good grace to change her image on the currency. She was such a beauty as a young woman, but as the most recognised woman in the world, she has no need for false flattery. For the rest of us who are not so famous, bring on the slap!

However, whilst looking at the changing face of Her Majesty the Queen in Nikolai Ishchuk's large photograph on the gallery wall today I was struck by how much of a caricature it becomes when viewed this way. The beauty & intricacy of it's design can really be appreciated when blown up to such huge proportions. I urge you to come and look at the exhibition & see for yourself.

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