Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Collaborating with an Angel Part 5

I know it has been a long time since my last post and I do apologise prefusely. As you may imagine busy times and a new show has kept me on the straight and narrow, but for a 2 day extravaganza in Southampton! Yes the shoot.
The images in this blog episode are kindly provided by the mighty Neeta Madahar, with some of mine thrown in too.

To sum up the 2 days in as few words as possible: Anticipation followed by exhilaration, adventures, exhaustion and elation.

The 1st day began with a visit to the nail technician to make my nails look like iris petals, well plastic ones (I can never be trusted to keep my nails long, all the labouring work I do see's to that) then back to the Solent Campus to open and shape the crepe paper iris's. I spent the day trying to be useful with false nails on, no mean feat I can tell you. The iris shaping session was great fun and myself, Neeta, Kelly (make-up/hair stylist) and Somali (stylist) and Vicki (lighting genius) all sat bending petals and telling comedy tales. By the end of the day we all suitably giggly and in celebratory mood for the shoot the following day. A bottle of wine was opened (with the aid of a pair of scissors) to toast the day and a job well done.

I braced myself for the big day...

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