Monday, 7 December 2009

Book Launch!

Well only a day or so to go before the first Book Launch at Diemar/Noble Photography, London.

I am really exited to meet a few familiar faces and hopefully some new ones too. Jinx Rodger will be there to sign and also Oddbins are doing a wine tasting for us, which should be smashing.

What is the book I hear you ask? The book is 'George Rodger On The Road 1940 -1949 From the Diaries of a Photographer and Adventurer. I have already read it and must say it is fascinating. I tis easy to forget that George was an accomplished writer and began taking photographs as a way of illustrating his words. Having spoken to so many people who have known George Rodger (not one has a bad thing to say about him) and of course knowing Jinx, it was wonderful to read his words. I unfortunately never knew him, so this was the closest I have come to getting to know the man whose work I admire so much.

Coupled with images, the diaries give an insight to what life must have been like for a photojournalist way back when travelling was definitely an adventure. His compassion and thoughts on the war are humbling to say the least. There is a full review of the book in the winter edition of LIP magazine

If you do get chance to come and meet the lady who commissioned Robert Capa and John Steinbeck to go to Russia (yes, she is that lady) please rsvp to

I look forward to seeing you there at 6.30pm.

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