Sunday, 15 November 2009

Paris Photo's coming...

As Paris Photo looms around the corner, it is time for me to take a deep breath...

Thousands of photo fans, collectors & the just-plain-curious will descend on the fair, all desperate to see the offerings displayed by galleries from all over the world. I will be one of them, keen to be impressed & hoping to discover something new.

It will be a week of private views, cocktails, meeting old friends and new ones too. There will be the familiar & unfamiliar when it comes to the work on display. Days are long & my feet will ache, but nothing quite compares to it. If you are reading this blog & have an interest in photography I implore you to visit Paris Photo just once & you too will be hooked. It's a great place to see a ton of work all in one place. The place: The Carousel under the Louvre, what a location. Just around the corner is Collette, a fabulous shop and - even if you don't spend a euro - well worth a visit just for the pure decadence & style. The work: from galleries you have heard of & many you won't have ever had the opportunity to go to.

Spotting those emerging unknowns, the gems amidst the giants, is what it's all about for me. I also love to see the work 'in the flesh' as there is nothing like a print in real....well...print and bask in the subtleties that can never truly be reproduced. A photograph is an object after all, not simply an image on a 2D surface.

Then there are the books, ooh very dangerous. The limited editions that never make it to our shores. These are very tempting & I'm always keen to see what I've missed.

The weather will no doubt be dreadful, but the fair will be hot. So remember if you do go, layer up like a lasagne!

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  1. "Days are long & my feet will ache"... in ways you couldn't predict!