Tuesday, 18 September 2012

USEEN pre-fair preview...

This is how our day began, with grey rain clouds, but with hope on the horizon...

Well the UNSEEN photography fair is just a matter of hours away & lots of preparation has been keeping yours truly very busy. The site has been a hive of activity all day with miles of walls, cables, pictures & the like to assemble into the wonderful display that is the best fair in town.

We arrived at Transformatorhuis ready to work.

Excited to see our first glimpse of the stand we will call home for the next 5 days. White walls of possibility beckoning us to work some magic upon them.

Our stand is looking wonderful if I do say so myself, with works by 4 artists : Emily Allchurch, Lisa Holden, Kate Owens & Herb Schmitz. Lisa Creagh's work is in the Unseen Collection exhibition also.  

Gabrielle (pictured above) has been amazing throughout, as my assistant, co-curator & organiser-in-chief. We are both thrilled with the way our stand looks (number 9) & the end result is worth all the effort - as Patrick Stuart says, to 'make it so'. 

I thought a sneaky peek at the preparation for the fair the 'before' would be of interest, if only to show the mammoth undertaking by our fabulous hosts. 

Who knows what is being observed here, but I liked the shot.

These worked magic on what is now a huge 'Unseen' banner extravaganza with neon!

As far as I'm aware, no one has been decapitated during the installation process.

A blurry teaser of the fully hung L A Noble Gallery stand

Now in focus minus white balance issues, I must keep you guessing & waiting with baited breath for more to come.....

Till then.....


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